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what is VENITE?

The most commonly used technology in electronic access control systems is RFID. We have built an original device that combines the functions of Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID. Just stick our device on the reader and download the app.


With Venite device, RFID reader communicates with smartphones. You start to collect 'virtual cards' in your app, where you could store indefinite numbers of them. RFID reader remains operateable for conventional plastic cards too.


Venite device supports most of the popular communication protocols of RFID on standard wave frequencies. You could issue and revoke cards for every location from everywhere in the world through admin panel. The cards could be conditional, temporary, with additional security measures.


The whole system is based on easy to stick devices and software. Devices could be mounted and configured by anyone. It doesn't require to enter the existing access control physically or digitally.

Flexible solution


Every smartphone is a powerful tool that allows do encrypt and transfer data through the web and via bluetooth


VENITE doesn't interfere with existing access control system.
Connection between devices encrypted in accordance with the BLE 4.2 (AES-CCM) standard.

Easy to handle

Users download free app for iOS or Android. The owner uses admin panel to grant accesses sent directly on mobile devices.

Command & control

We offer you variety of services like temporary cards, conditional cards, on line events monitoring, additional ID features to tight security procedures for critical entrances.


Venite system could be used in business parks, SOHO offices, housing, parkings, schools, hotels, public transportation. You could choose standard app or add the engine to your own app.

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